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Charleston Financial Services, key partner of Shawbrook Bank, is one of a restricted panel of brokers to have been selected for the Shawbrook Bank Strategic Partner programme, based on the particularly high quality of applications and successful conversion rates.

We are now able to pay our brokers 0.75% commission on term loans and 1.00% on short term loans on the same day of completion and can provide you with indicitive offers within 24 to 72 hours of submitting a full case.

For broker who are looking to place a high level of business we are able to negotiate bespoke remuneration packages.

The product guides below are for intermedary use only and should not be passed to customers

Commercial Mortgage Guide - Shawbrook

Commercial Mortgage Guide – Shawbrook

Shawbrook bank launched the Strategic Partnership programme for its network of commercial mortgage brokers, to recognise and reward those with the highest quality of work and ability to achieve a high conversion rate of new applications to successful loan completion. Charleston Financial is the only broker in the area to join the programme.

Stephen Johnson, Managing Director of Commercial Lending at Shawbrook Bank, said:

“Brokers are a lynchpin in our business and we value their knowledge and market expertise. For our brokers and for Shawbrook, efficiency is key to completing deals and we launched the Strategic Partner programme to recognise and encourage the highest quality of business. We are excited to be able to reward Charleston Financial as one of the highest performers. We remain committed to working with all of our brokers and intermediaries to provide straightforward, no-nonsense banking to businesses and individuals in the UK

To submit your Shawbrook enquiry online click here or call 01442 215 527.

In order to discuss how Charleston can assist you with your commercial cases with Shawbrook bank, please contact one of our qualified advisors on 0800 612 3167 (or 01442 215 527)

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